Amoeba To Zebra is a very special musical exploration of the natural history of the Earth devised and performed by established Yorkshire-based pop group, BEING 747.

Charting the development of all living things from the origins of the most basic organisms in the primordial soup right through to the sophistication of mankind, Amoeba to Zebra is a show designed to educate and entertain in equal measures. With plenty of relevance to the UK's National Curriculum in science, this show is intended to inspire students to take an interest in Biology and the environment and elaborate on their studies through the medium of pop music.

The show currently consists of a fifty-five minute combination of ultra-catchy pop songs played by a live band, dramatic narration, eye-pleasing visual projections and some really wild props! The show can be used to reinforce some of the key concepts of biology and general science lessons, but also has relevance for any students with an interest in music, art, digital multimedia and drama.

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In their own words

"As a band, we all share a fascination with the wonders of the natural world and the evolutionary processes that have shaped the flora and fauna of our planet. We decided to use our combined creative talents to do something truly worthwhile - to tell an incredible story that will stimulate the imagination of young people and leave a lasting impression"

Being 747